The Gem Lab Story

Jeweler Kennon Young

Kennon Young, GG, CBJT, ASA-MGA has spent his entire adult life and professional career in the jewelry industry. After enjoying four years of jewelry elective class through high school, he moved to San Francisco, CA in 2000 to study at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. This program gave Kennon a solid foundation in jewelry manufacturing while also opening his eyes to the depth and expansiveness of the jewelry industry. Kennon excelled through Revere’s Graduate Jeweler program, the Master’s Symposium, and a Jeweler’s of America Bench Jeweler Certification.

 Working with gemstones led Kennon south, to the Gemological Institute of America in San Diego, CA.  There, he studied diamonds and gemstones and became a graduate gemologist with a specialty in design.  

With jewelry fabrication and gemology under his belt, Kennon began a several year study of Valuation in Personal Property, through the Rhode Island School of Design Extension. in 2016, he was awarded with one of the highest credentials in the jewelry appraisal industry, the American Society of Appraisers Master Gemologist Appraiser accreditation. This followed the Vermont Gem Lab acquiring Certified Gemological Laboratory through the American Gemologists Association.

Since 2004, Kennon has run the Vermont Gem Lab (VGL) out of Burlington, VT. The VGL specializes in custom designed engagement rings, restoration of antique jewelry, and advanced valuations for estates.

In 2019, Kennon started Starlust Jewelry. A personal passion of his, Starlust uses ancient zodiac signs to connect loves ones through symbolism.